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“I have been a patient of Dr. Chavis for years and although we moved away from DC, I still come back to him. Having been to so many dentists prior, Dr. Chavis is the only one who is a pure perfectionist and will not stop until everything is right! He replaced my previous crowns that looked pretty bad, with the most natural looking beautiful crowns. I can honestly say I have never suffered pain at this office. Dr. Chavis and his staff are very professional and I give them all 5 stars!” – Harriett

“I asked friends for recommendations and immediately made an appointment for Dr. Chavis. He basically rebuilt my mouth, repairing the damage that had been done and getting rid of the 1950’s-technology metal fillings that my previous dentist had put in my mouth in recent years.

“I am thrilled with the results. I no longer have the cold/heat sensitivity and pain that I had grown to live with. I no longer have visible metal when I smile. It’s been about a year and all my new fillings are holding up perfectly.

“Dr. Chavis uses the latest techniques. His staff is very willing to work with my dental insurance, so I don’t need to file claims. His office is located about two blocks from Metro. I am a very happy client and recommend him to my friends.” – T.M.

“I strongly recommend Dr. Chavis and the staff. He treated my gum disease and did a lot of restorative work. He is an excellent dentist—smart, kind, and thorough. He is aggressive about treating problems before they get out of control but also highly ethical. He got my gums in great shape. He also re-did three crowns that were not painful and looked fine, but revealed extensive decay when he opened up the tooth. There is no question that the amount of treatment he recommends drives up costs, but everything he’s done was necessary and the results have been fantastic. He is intensely committed to excellent work and outcomes. People who say he’s a rip-off don’t know good quality when they see it. It is really a matter of getting what you pay for. He’s a top-end dentist who does top-end work. His staff is unusually nice and like a family. Jasmine who runs the front end and handles all the insurance and bills couldn’t be nicer or more competent. The hygienist Ladonna and Salena the dental assistant are both great at what they do and very kind.” – Bob W.

“Having been to so many dentists during the 40 years I have lived in DC, Cary Chavis is without a doubt the only dentist I will trust to do my dental work. He has transformed my mouth which was full of old crowns, overlays and fillings, some of which were incorrectly done in the first place, to a mouthful of natural looking beautiful teeth!! I couldn’t be happier. As far as the reviews from Sterling J. and MC, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Dr. Chavis does NOT wait until you’re in a weakened state to inform you of the work you need done. He spends time discussing with you what needs to be done, prepares a treatment plan, and provides everything necessary to the patient for the patient to decide how/when to proceed. As far as Jasmine taking money out of patients’ accounts without their knowledge is pure rubbish! Dr. Chavis, Jasmine and everyone else on his staff are very professional, friendly making the whole experience of going to the dentist a pleasant one. Dr. Chavis is an excellent, state-of-the-art dentist!” – Mary M.

“I’ve been going to Dr. Chavis for several years now, and have no complaints. I did need several fillings replaced (they were over 20 years old and visibly failing—I had to have two emergency root canals as a result of not having them had done earlier, which were done by an endodontist in another office) and his office was great about spacing them out so that I could pay for them, and working with me to deal with the nightmare that is my dental insurance plan. He does great work and is quite a perfectionist. I’ve never felt pressured by Dr. Chavis or had the hard sell—when he proposes procedures, he answers my questions about the costs and benefits and accepts my decision. I rarely have trouble scheduling an appointment, and I don’t have to wait very long before seeing the hygienist.” – Kate B.

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